How to Run a Successful Model Call

“I was shocked to see how much info was in it! It’s very thorough and I love that it included examples of what to say. That’s what I struggled with. What exactly to say.”

What is included:

  • The exact words I use when doing model calls with three different examples and suggestions on how to make it your own.
  • Three different ways to conduct your model calls.
  • Advice for choosing the right models
  • How to let people down gently
  • Tips for planning the session
  • What to do after the session
  • And lots more!
  • We’ve all been there. Spent so much time on planning a model call, asked the family to wear nice clothes, chose a great location… but it turns out the entire session is a waste because they didn’t understand your vision at all. Or maybe you post a model call and it’s just crickets. So frustrating.

    This happens to a lot of photographers… you’re not alone!

    I’ve written a 13 page Model Call Guide that is PACKED with info to help you avoid this same thing happening to you.

    -Claudia W.

    “This guide is amazing! It’s extremely helpful and walks you through step by step on how to find and set up a model call. It even tells you exactly what to say when reaching out. I never thought I would be so excited to set up a model call!”

    -Erin S.

    This guide is very thorough and addresses some hurdles you can face when trying to plan a model call as well as how to deal with potential pros and cons prior to deciding how to run the model call. The scripts are super helpful. Great tool to prep for a successful event!

    -Kristen C.

    Price: $25

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