mom and daughter laughing on blanket during family photography - inquiry response email template

For Lifestyle Family Photographers

It's not an easy task to come up with the right words to truly convey what it is you do and also what the client should expect when working with you, all while getting the client excited to work with you and hopefully inspire them to book a session! I've decided to share with you the response that I crafted and use for my own business when someone reaches out and asks about booking a lifestyle family photo session. It creates a welcoming and lighthearted environment from the start, and also outlines expectations for location, styling, and session flow.

After purchase, you will receive a downloadable pdf that you can copy and paste into your own email response when you get a new inquiry. Just tweak it so it makes sense for your business and how you run it.

Please only purchase if you are at least 100 miles from Portland, Oregon. I use this response so that would be awkward 🤣

Price: $20

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