It’s hard to get your kids to do what you ask and actually take a nice photo when you are a photographer. I am constantly using my kids as guinea pigs when I find a new location or get a fun idea that I want to try. These two are so sick of my camera by now! So yeah, I have to resort to bribing them. Luckily, it really doesn’t cost me too much. I gave them each $2 to let me take photos of them for about 30 minutes. What a steal! But mostly they just got to explore a pretty area, wrestle with each other on the ground, an chase each other around. Sure, I asked them to throw a kiss on the cheek or a hug in there every once in a while, but they still had fun.

At the age they are at right now (7 and 9) they pretty much fight all the time and never want to play the same things, so I really cherish any photos where they at least look like they like each other.

Would you guess that in this photo below, my daughter was actually trying to push her brother over and attack him? Nope! lol.

Here is a great example of using their love of attacking the other to my advantage. You can see in the first photo below, my son is creeping up on my daughter, and she has no idea. But then in the second and third photos, I got great shots of them loving on each other and looking adorable (again, I bribed them to get this, but it was totally worth it!).

This one is my favorite…

And here are the rest of the shots I got. Not bad for $4, right? We went to Toys R Us after we were done and they each bought a toy (They brought some of their saved money so they had more than $2 each.) My son bought some Stik Bots, and my daughter got some tiny Hatchimals. Excitement all around.

How do you get your kids to pose for you for photos?

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