Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session in Oregon City

May 13, 2019

Oregon City Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

A couple months ago, I was invited out to this couple’s adorable house in Oregon City to do a newborn lifestyle photography session for them. The entire house was a sea of 70’s decor when they bought it, but they worked super hard updating it and the results are beautiful, light, and airy. 

I got to hang with them for a morning, plus their sweet dog. We had a great time joking around and I immediately knew that they were my kind of people because they are hilarious. 

At one point during the session, we discovered a giant animal in their backyard. We were staring out the window trying to figure out what the heck it was. With a little googling, found out it was a Nutria. I’ve never heard of these but they look a lot like beavers and are apparently common in the area. It was too far away to get a photo of, but it was a fun diversion for a few minutes! Lol.

Aside from running to the window to check out the random animal in their yard, we had a relaxing morning in Oregon City and these are some of my favorites from their newborn photography session.

Mom and new baby in their Oregon City home

mom, dad, newborn baby, and dog

new mom, baby, and dog on couch

This baby girl is about to give me all the faces!

yawning baby at lifestyle newborn photography session

dad and newborn during photography session

dad and newborn during oregon city lifestyle newborn session

The dog really loves his new baby <3

lifestyle newborn photography session

couple holding newborn baby in their Oregon City home

I forget why we were all cracking up here but I love this moment.

dad and baby on bed

We were just taking about how there were ladybugs popping up all over their house lately, and then I look over and see one on the dog’s nose!

Dog with ladybug on nose in Oregon City

sweet nursery in Oregon City

Mom and newborn baby

Couple looking at their newborn baby during photography session

closeup of newborn baby lips

closeup of baby

I love this headband that I got on Etsy from Sew Wildflowers. You should check her shop, it’s full of pretty things!

Portland Newborn photographer

Interested in planning your own in-home lifestyle newborn session? Oregon City isn’t the only place I service, I travel all over the Portland area. Send me a message to book or ask for more info, or check out my pricing page to find out the packages I offer.


This is impossibly cute and I love that even the pup made it in a few of the shots!

Absolutely adorable! I love that the dog got in on the shots too!