My Favorite Photography Accessories & Gear| Friday Favorites

April 26, 2019

My Favorite Photography Accessories & Gear| Friday Favorites

I’m trying something new and starting a blog series called Friday Favorites. I’ll be posting some of my favorite things every week, and it could be anything. Some of the ideas on my list are favorite children’s books, board games, and things to do around Portland. I hope you find some new favorite things and feel free to add your own favorites in the comments!

This week is all about my favorite photography accessories and gear. This is stuff that I have purchased and used and I’ll tell you where to get it and why it’s so awesome.

My Favorite Newborn Romper

photography of newborn baby wearing a lace romper from etsy

This lace romper is the most beautiful newborn outfit I’ve ever seen! It looks so cute on! I got newborn size, which is great for super new babies, but if you’re planning on photographing babies that are a couple weeks old, I’d recommend the next size up. I wish I had gotten a size bigger! The romper was ordered from EcoStreet on Etsy.

My Favorite Floral Crown for Photography

My Favorite Photography Floral Eucalyptus Crown

The BEST Eucalyptus crown you will ever find can be found at A Golden Garden on Etsy. Mine is a full crown, but it looks like she only has the ribbon tied ones in her shop. Either is gorgeous. I use this crown in tons of my sessions and it always looks amazing. I tried to find fake eucalyptus leaves one time and they were all so stiff and looked horrible. This crown has soft and bendable leaves that just work so well.

My Favorite Camera Bag

my favorite camera bag | photography accessories

I recently bought the Allison camera bag fromĀ  JoTotes and it’s absolutely perfect! For a camera bag it’s pretty small, and I can fit a camera with lens attached, plus 2 more lenses! It has tons of extra zippered compartments so I have places to put all my things. I love that it looks like an over-sized purse so no one would guess there’s a camera in there. It comes in other colors, but I chose Butterscotch so it would go with everything.

My Favorite Blanket

My Favorite Photography Accessories - best quilts and blankets for professional photography

Okay, so for this one you can’t buy the exact same blanket, as it is vintage, BUT I’ll tell you my favorite place to buy quilts for my sessions. It’s called Stitched and Found. She sends out an e-mail when new blankets are posted and they usually go pretty fast, so get on the mailing list if you want to find the best ones.

My Favorite Camera Strap

favorite photography camera strap accessories

I searched Amazon and Etsy for the prettiest scarf camera strap because those are the most comfortable, in my opinion. At first I had a floral one for a pretty long time but it started to look pretty yucky so I definitely needed to retire it. I bought a mustard lace scarf strap from SewWildflowers and it’s just the prettiest thing. It feels comfortable on, and it comes with a super cute camera charm!

Hopefully you found some new favorite photography related accessories and gear! Tell me your favorite in the comments below.

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All of these are so gorgeous! I especially love the camera bag, makes me want to upgrade my camera just to get a new bag!

I love that you offer clothes and accessories for your clients as part of your photography package. Speaking from experience, it can be hard to find special things to wear or have in your photos, especially for us time-strapped moms!