Spring Flower Fields in Portland, Oregon

As a photographer, I am kind of obsessed with flower fields, and there are some great ones in the spring here in Portland, Oregon! So when you book me for your spring family photos, here is a great list of flower fields that we can use!

Lily Fields in Camas, Washington

Little girl in field of lilies in camas washington
Camas Lily Fields near portland oregon | Spring flowers

There are some super pretty lily fields in Camas, Washington but they do require some hiking to get to. If your family is up for an adventure, then this would be super magical! The light filters in through the trees so perfectly. You walk right along the lake so there are some great opportunities for photos with the lake in the background, as well. We did see some poison oak so we have to be careful, but I will try to keep us in spots that don’t have it.

Hiking Required: A little under a mile, with some hills
My Travel Fee:
When to go: Mid-April to Mid-May

Wildflower Fields in the Columbia River Gorge

Wildflowers at Memaloose State Park in Mosier, Oregon in the spring
Columbia River Gorge Wildflowers in the Spring | Portland Oregon

Finally, I got to drive out to Mosier, Oregon at the right time and take photos in the Gorge of the wildflowers! It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I took a photographer friend along, and we stopped in Memaloose State Park, explored a bit, then took turns taking some super cute photos of our boys and ourselves. The boys were more interested in running and throwing sticks, but we did manage to get them in a few shots.

This spot would be the perfect setting for your family photos, and there is even a large field of wildflowers only 6 minutes up the road from this spot, which we could utilize just as the sun is going down. This first location works best when the sun is a little higher because there are trees to filter the sun. We didn’t get to the flat field of wildflowers until after the sun went down so I don’t have a photo of that, but I assure you its gorgeous!

Hiking Required: Nope! It’s right next to the road!
My Travel Fee:
When to go: Early April into possibly July

Wildflowers in Camassia Nature Preserve near Portland

This one is right off the 205 in West Linn and it’s an easy, quick hike. In the spring, there are tons of flowers (lots of lilies) all around and it is truly beautiful. Here is a great brochure with more info on this park and a map of the area. This area is surrounded by trees and a bit sunken in, so the light is gone a bit faster. That means it’s harder to get that golden sun at the end of the day, but all the flowers here make it worth it. It is very important to stay on the trails here.

Hiking Required: 5-10 minutes depending on the spot
My Travel Fee:
When to go: Mid-April to Mid-May

Peonies at Adelman Farms

girl holding flowers at adelman peony gardens flower field

These are some of the coolest looking flowers, they are fluffy balls of happiness, am I right? If you haven’t had the chance to check out Adelman farms yet, you definitely should. I have contacted this farm and they do allow photographers during open hours, 9am-6pm, but if you want a sunset session here, it is $100 an hour. Here’s my blog post all about it.

Hiking Required: 5-10 minutes to walk out to the fields
My Travel Fee:
$20 + the $100 fee they charge for photography after 6pm. If it’s cloudy, we can go earlier to avoid their fee, but if it’s sunny then a sunset shoot would be best for light.
When to go: April 27th – June 16th

When you decide to book your spring photo session with me, now you have a list of beautiful flower fields that we could use for your session. Message me and let me know your favorite one, or leave a comment here!

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  1. These are gorgeous locations. Peonies are my favorite flower so I’ve been wanting to check out Adelman Farms. It’s too bad they charge extra for access to night shoot, but probably well-worth it for the gorgeous light!

  2. So many beautiful fields in our area! I know you probably are aware, but a gentle reminder to folks who try to take pics here on their own to stay on the paths, not to pick wildflowers, and not to take pics in the middle of fields off the paths, as many are protected and can sustain damage from people walking on them/laying on them. That peony farm is gorgeous!


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