Lifestyle Family Photography Welcome Guide

Lifestyle Family Photography Welcome Guide

Canva Template

More than just a design template, this welcome guide has the exact words to help your clients feel comfortable during their lifestyle family photos with you! They will learn what they should and shouldn't do to create beautiful and carefree moments. If you've ever wondered how to prep your clients for amazing lifestyle photos, here's the answer.

How will this help my photography business?

What is included?

This 12 page welcome guide is written in my voice, which is lighthearted and fun. You are free to keep all the wording that I use or change it around as you feel suits your needs. It includes pages on:

When a family books a lifestyle session, you will be able to send this beautiful guide to help them understand how the session will go, what to do during the session, and how to prepare, as well as answers some of their questions and gets them thinking about print products. Giving your clients this information all in one place will make it easier for them to find and ingest. It will also help your sessions to run smoothly and create the real connections that you crave as a lifestyle family photographer!

● About the photographer

● Explaining to clients how to act to get authentic interaction

● Parent and child behavior

● What to wear

● Color scheme ideas

● Day of session tips

● Highlighted print products

● Frequently asked questions

You are purchasing a Canva template that you can edit however you see fit. You will need a free canva account to access your purchase. You will need to replace my photos with your own before distributing to your clients.

Please only purchase if you are at least 100 miles from Portland, Oregon. I use this guide and these words so that would be awkward 🤣

Price: $35

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