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Below is a quick start guide to working with me for both clients AND photographers.

Hey, it's me, Becca! When you book your session, you can expect a laid-back and fun experience, but also organized with plenty of help along the way. When it comes to choosing a location or styling your outfits, I won't leave you hanging! You'll receive guides and resources to help you plan everything. But the most important part is that you show up ready to have a good time! Great photos (and videos) happen when you let go of expectations, stop worrying about everything being "perfect" and just have a fun adventure with your loved one(s). If that comes with dirt and tears, that's fine. Because it's real.

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Interested in booking a session? Find out about the experience, pricing, and everything that is included when you work with me.

Love the idea of getting a moving film as well as beautiful photos? You can see more video examples, as well as find out how it works.

There's a huge blog full of resources for you when planning family or couples photos! Topics include what to wear, what season you book your photos, and tons more!

One of the most popular posts on my blog is this one, which explains tons of things to avoid when planning outfits for your family photos. Give it a read and look amazing for your next session!

Here I sell the exact presets that I've used on all my work for the past couple years, guides to help you in your business, templates to make running a family photography business easy, and more.

Current available course: my location scouting course that teaches you the exact steps to find awesome locations anywhere! Includes: model call guide & location guide template to show off your locations to clients!

Need more targeted help when it comes to running a successful family photography business? I've got 1:1 Zoom mentoring sessions to teach you whatever you need to know.

I'm super into blogging, and there are lots of free articles here to help you with your business. Topics include client closets, lighting tips, websites, and comparing Canon lenses and cameras.

Want to join a community of family photographers who you can turn to with questions? My facebook group is here, and I'd love to have you! I share exclusive infor in there and even post freebies just for members.

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