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In-Home Lifestyle

You might not always get the dishes done right away and there’s a pile of cheerios underneath the kitchen table, but your home is full of love, and that’s what’s important. A lifestyle session is all about your family and how you interact with each other. I will photograph your family in your element, where everyone is most comfortable… your home! It’s less stressful for everyone because you don’t have to drive anywhere, if it’s pouring rain we can still do the shoot, and there’s endless coffee for you at all times. 😉 These are fully (loosely) planned sessions based on the activities you enjoy doing together at home, whether it’s baking a pie, jumping on the bed, wrestling in the living room, reading by the fire, building a pillow fort, etc. I’m a Portland, Oregon lifestyle photographer, so sessions take place in client’s homes around the area, but I’m willing to travel farther for a small travel fee.