TO MENU
        What is your style and what do you do at your sessions?
        What education have you had and what equipment do you use?
        What if my kids don't cooperate?
        But we are awkward in photos! Is that okay?
        When will we receive our images?
        Can we book an in-home session if our house is too dark/messy/small?
        How do I book a session?
        I'm passionate about lifestyle photography. Lifestyle is all about interaction! Getting photos of everyone smiling at the camera is nice, and I will include some of those if possible, but what really makes you FEEL something when you look at a photo is real moments and interaction. Whether it’s a little girl gazing up at her mom, a family laughing over something silly, or the kids cuddling up with daddy, they are the things you see every day but don’t normally get photographed. They are special. When parents love on/play with their kids and forget I’m even there...that's when the magic happens. But don't worry, I will give you gentle directions during our shoot so you know what to do. Sometimes I put families in the arrangement I want, but then I'll ask questions or tell you to do something silly to get you all laughing and interacting. You will play games, dance around, and give lots of hugs and kisses.