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Email Templates for Lifestyle Family Photographers

Email templates written in a lighthearted and fun voice, while staying professional and personable at the same time. These are the complete pack of emails that I send to my own clients, and I'm sharing them so you can use them for your business, too. After anything at a session would go wrong, I'd go and adjust my emails so that thing wouldn't happen, and I've been in business for over 12 years. I've done all the hard work for you!

These email templates will work for family lifestyle photographers of all kinds. You can choose which emails make the most sense for your business and tweak them depending on the things you offer. There's even a timeline so you know when to send them.

What email templates are included:

● Initial inquiry response email

● Location selection email

● Styling email

● Welcome guide email (welcome guide sold separately)

● Questionnaire delivery email (questions not included)

● 1 week prep email

● What to expect after the session

● Session reminder

● First gallery is ready

● Final gallery is ready

● Ask for referrals email

● Ask for reviews email

Copy and paste these emails into your CRM or into your email program, tweak them to your needs, and you'll be set!

Please only purchase if you are at least 100 miles from Portland, Oregon so we are not sending the same emails in the same area!

Price: $90

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Kind Words

Once again, Becca is generous with her knowledge and has created a gold mine for Client Correspondence emails.  If you are new to photography or a seasoned photog looking to really up your client game, I highly recommend these templates.  They are CHOCK FULL of knowledge, incredibly well worded and thoughtful.  She explains to her clients the before, during and after a session in a way every client can relate to, and every photographer can appreciate.

I often struggle with how much information to give clients and what to say to them before a session. These email templates took that struggle away from me! Rebecca really lays out what to expect out of a session in these emails and it's definitely why Rebecca gets the natural and authentic moments from her clients. I'm so happy to now be able to offer this clear communication to my clients.

Rebecas email templates are concise and to the point. They are a great supplement to your business. The templates work you through each step of a communication with your client. From initial email, to all the details prior to the session, to after gallery delivery and even how to ask for great reviews. She thinks of every single detail or question your client can ask and offers the answers through these templates.

— Sara M.

— erin S.

Susanna F.