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        Welcome to my blog, where you can see recent and past family outdoor photography sessions and in-home sessions. You'll also find tips & tricks, personal projects, and some of my own family photos. I hope you enjoy it as much as a fun family dance party!

        in-home family lifestyle photography on bed October 8, 2019

        Why You Should Book an In-Home Family Photography Session | Portland Oregon Family Photographer

        In-Home Family Photography Sessions Picture your family getting cozy on the couch at home with some hot cocoa while enjoying a fire in the fireplace with the wind blowing outside. This is a regular o...
        best romance novels ever May 17, 2019

        List of My Favorite Romance Novels | Friday Favorites

        My Favorite Romance Novels List I'm not afraid to admit that I love romance novels. If someone recommends a book to me and there's no romance in it... meh. I probably won't read it, honestly. Why am I...
        May 15, 2019

        Why I Want Your Kids to Misbehave During Your Family Photo Session | Family Photographers Portland Oregon

        Portland Oregon Family Photographer Okay, I know this sounds insane. I know. But it's completely true! I want your kids to misbehave during their photo session with me! If your kids were searching for...
        Mom and son in a field of flowers near Portland Oregon May 10, 2019

        My 4 Favorite Spring Flower Fields for Photography around Portland, Oregon | Friday Favorites

        Spring Flower Fields in Portland, Oregon As a photographer, I am kind of obsessed with flower fields, and there are some great ones in the spring here in Portland, Oregon! So when you book me for your...
        May 8, 2019

        Ring of Fire Photography Tutorial | Photography Technique How To

        Ring of Fire Photography Tutorial I learned the ring of fire photography technique a while back but it was really hard to find a good tutorial online of how to do it. It's one of my favorite ways to ...
        boy playing board games May 3, 2019

        The Best Family Board Games to Play with Kids in 2019 | Friday Favorites

        The Best Family Board Games Another Friday, another post about my favorite things! This time it's the best family board games, and we have A LOT of those. My son is 11 and loves to play board games wi...
        Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session May 1, 2019

        What to Wear to Your Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

        What to Wear to Your Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session So you're pregnant and still trying to do all the things plus plan a lifestyle newborn photography session, and figuring out what to wear is ...
        newborn baby wearing a lace romper from etsy April 26, 2019

        My Favorite Photography Accessories & Gear| Friday Favorites

        My Favorite Photography Accessories & Gear| Friday Favorites I'm trying something new and starting a blog series called Friday Favorites. I'll be posting some of my favorite things every week, and...
        April 24, 2019

        Why Summer Is Better than Fall for Your Outdoor Family Photo Session in Portland, Oregon

        Every year I have tons of families booking me for fall family photos here in Portland, but is that really the best time to book? In my opinion, it's not! We live in the PNW where it rains A LOT, and o...
        family photography session on a cloudy day in portland April 10, 2019

        How to Prepare for Your Overcast or Cloudy Day Photo Session + Why it Will Be Beautiful | Photography Portland Oregon

        How to Prepare for Your Cloudy Photography Session in Portland Oregon So it's the night before our photography session and the weather calls for major clouds (it's Portland, it's bound to happen, righ...
        February 27, 2019

        The Power of Play – Why I Play Games During My Family Sessions | Portland Family Photography

        Playful Portland Family Photography If you've seen my work, you know that my family photography sessions are full of laughter, games, and FUN. But do you know why I've set them up this way and what it...