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        Welcome to my blog, where you can see recent and past family outdoor photography sessions and in-home sessions. You'll also find tips & tricks, personal projects, and some of my own family photos. I hope you enjoy it as much as a fun family dance party!

        May 8, 2019

        Ring of Fire Photography Tutorial | Photography Technique How To

        Ring of Fire Photography Tutorial I learned the ring of fire photography technique a while back but it was really hard to find a good tutorial online of how to do it. It's one of my favorite ways to ...
        Portland, Oregon spring child session May 6, 2019

        Magnolia Tree Spring Photos in Portland, Oregon | My Daughter

        Spring Photos in Portland, Oregon I drove past this gorgeous Magnolia tree (or is it a Tulip Tree? Or is it both?) in Portland, Oregon last year and had a vision of taking beautiful spring photos ther...
        boy playing board games May 3, 2019

        The Best Family Board Games to Play with Kids in 2019 | Friday Favorites

        The Best Family Board Games Another Friday, another post about my favorite things! This time it's the best family board games, and we have A LOT of those. My son is 11 and loves to play board games wi...
        portland photography February 6, 2019

        My Daughter in the Snow in Portland, Oregon

        After the weather man lied to us and said it would snow here in Portland on Sunday night, my kids were pretty bummed we didn't get a snow day on Monday. But then the weather man redeemed himself becau...
        oregon coast photographer July 24, 2018

        My Family Vacation to the Oregon Coast

        Exploring the Oregon Coast This past weekend we went on a family camping trip to the Oregon coast. We decided to stay at Barview Jetty Campground, which we haven't done for about 3 years, so it was f...
        Portland Lifestyle Family Photography May 3, 2018

        Playtime in Finn’s Room

        Portland Lifestyle Family Photography My nephew recently turned two and he's just the happiest little guy around! My kids love to play with him when we visit them and that's just what we were doing a...
        May 2, 2018

        Jauken Angus Farm

        Portland Oregon Photographer As a Portland Oregon photographer, this isn't what I normally do because I'm usually photographing families and kids. My brother-in-law asked me to come out to Centervill...
        Children's Photographer Portland Oregon February 24, 2018

        Flower Crowns and More Bribery

        Gresham Family Photographer I bribed my daughter with the promise of an LOL Doll if she modeled these headbands for me tonight. Haha. It worked, though, and we had a great time laughing at funny word...
        Portland Oregon Child Photographer February 21, 2018

        Playing with Light

        Portland Oregon Fun Photographer Living here in Portland, Oregon during the winter is difficult for us moms who just want their kids to play outside! So when we get a semi-nice day where the kids can...
        October 13, 2017

        Yes, I Bribe My Kids

        Lifestyle Photographer Portland Oregon It's hard to get your kids to do what you ask and actually take a nice photo when you are a photographer. I am constantly using my kids as guinea pigs when I fi...
        Portland Photographer August 29, 2017

        Our Eclipse Adventure

        Lifestyle Photography Portland For the eclipse, we had a really hard time deciding if we wanted to chance traffic to see totality, or just stay home and get 99.4% totality. In the end, we decided to ...