epic dresses for family or couples photoshoot

7 Epic Dresses to Help you Look Beautiful for Your Next Photoshoot

Are you planning a family or couples photoshoot and need a gorgeous dress to wear? The right outfits can be the difference between okay photos and amazingly epic photos. Below are my personal recommendations for truly beautiful dresses that photograph well. And if you’re hiring me to take your photos (I travel!) then you might be able to borrow these from my client closet!

Some of the links in this post may contain affiliate links only for products I use and love (seriously, I only included them if I was obsessed with them!). If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I’ll earn some coffee or tea money which I promise to enjoy while thinking up more useful content for ya!

The Ruffle Me Up Right dress by Reclamation

Why I like it: It has been made to fit size XS to XXL, with an elastic waist and a tie, so you can be confident that it will fit you. You can wear it off the shoulder or not, and the skirt is super full and long. It looks truly epic in photos.

Things to consider: This dress is definitely heavy and hard to walk in, so I usually suggest wearing another dress at first for more of the playful images and then switching to this dress partway through. It’s pretty expensive but worth every penny.

My Client Closet: I own this and it fits size XS-XXL

The Cassis Dress from Free People

Why I like it: it’s such a cool and fun dress. I have it in three different colors and have had clients wear them for maternity and non-maternity sessions. The skirt flows so nicely and the ruffles make it look amazing. I really love the bold print in the Rust Combo print, and the mustard and raspberry colors are gorgeous and a little bit more subtle.

Things to consider: Free people changes out the colors pretty often so you just have to keep checking back if you are wanting a certain color. This one isn’t tight at the waist so if you don’t like that look, then skip this one.

My Client Closet: You can borrow this one when you book a session with me. I have it in in a few colors in various sizes S-L

Gia Dress in Mesa Rose from Joyfolie

Why I like it: This dress has a stretchy waist so it will fit multiple sizes. I love that the sleeves have ties on them. It comes in other colors, too. I actually have it in two different colors, that’s how much I love it!

Things to Consider: You’ll probably need a strapless bra for this since it falls off the shoulder on one side or the other.

My Client Closet: I have the raspberry color in size small and a yellow color in medium. It can fit slightly larger, though.

R Vivimos Dress from Amazon

Why I like it: This is such a cool dress because it’s super stretchy so you know it will fit, and it has great texture. It works for maternity if needed, and is a midi length.

Things to consider: The sleeves want to fall off the shoulder so just expect to wear it that way.

My Client Closet: I have this in Rust and Seafoam green in multiple sizes

The Pirate Queen Gown from Coven & Co

It’s a wrap dress, so it will fit multiple sizes. It works great for maternity and non-maternity. The lace is great quality, I’ve washed mine many times on gentle cycle in a garment bag, and hung it to dry. It still looks new. The bell sleeves photograph really well and the skirt is great for spinning.

Things to consider: This comes from Australia so be prepared to pay a lot for shipping. But it’s worth it for this dress!

My Client Closet: I have this in a size small

Aniya Dress from Joyfolie

I love the slits on the sleeves and the flowy skirt. The waist is stretchy so it will fit multiple sizes, which is always a plus. Pictured above is the deep teal color. Fits maternity and non-maternity.

Things to consider: The skirt liner is a bit on the short side so make sure you’re okay with that, especially for maternity.

My Client Closet: Sadly, I don’t own this one.

The Extratropical Maxi Dress by Free People

Maternity photo of mom to be in a seafoam green extratropical free people dress in the columbia river gorge

This one is absolutely gorgeous for both maternity and non-maternity. I have this dress in two colors and it’s really stretchy and the skirt is full. There is also an Amazon version of his dress, which I own as well. It’s pretty good! Obviously not as amazing as the original but still nice.

Things to consider: The fabric is pretty thin and if the sun is shining, it will make it a little see-through. You can always wear a slip underneath, though. You also can’t wear a bra with this, so prepare to go without or get some pasties.

My Client Closet: I have this dress from Free people in Seafoam green in medium, plus the Amazon version in Mustard(S), Lake Blue(M), and Sand(M).

I hope you have found a beautiful dress to wear for your next session, but if not you can also try Baltic Born, Jen’s Pirate Booty, Fillyboo, Vici, or Forever 21. And if you’re looking specifically for a maternity dress, check out my article on How to Dress for Maternity Photos.

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