I met this family the evening of their session and I was so excited to hang out with them. How gorgeous are their outfits?! Amazon for the win! The little girls were super sweet and well-behaved, and I had fun capturing each of their personalities. And their family is about to be complete because it's a boy!
The Isalvador family took a 700 mile road trip just to come see the beautiful Portland, Oregon in the Fall! I was so excited to meet them and document their family's playful spirit. I love how easygoing they were. Even through mud and dog poop disasters, they kept the mood light and just enjoyed the evening with each other.
My favorite photo from my session with the Bird family was the adorable shot of Miss Avaleigh on the bottom right. She was full of giggles and smiles, but there's something about the calm moments that are especially sweet.
This family was so sweet, I could really tell that they have a lot of fun playing and goofing off together. The boys were very silly and had an impromptu kissing war, which we all thought was hilarious.
The Stanwood family's in-home lifestyle session took place in their Happy Valley home. It was a crazy fun morning spent playing games, reading stories by the fire, making play dough, and tons of roughhousing. I'm not even sure who had more fun... them or me. ;)
This family of 4 is about to become a family of 5! I was so happy to take these photos because these boys were SO excited about their baby brother, if you can't tell by their huge grins. 
These kids were so silly! Even with all their energy, we managed to get some really sweet shots, and all their energy was good because we also got some really fun jumping shots in there, too. 
This family was so full of energy, especially the kids (can you tell?) and they really loved playing in the leaves. What kid doesn't like to make a pile of leaves and throw it at their family members? They also really liked anything involving running. I think this shot shows the Olson's family dynamic just perfectly!
I got to photograph an adorable blonde family over at Sellwood park at sunset. It was a great evening! These kids are so happy and sweet, I loved every minute!
I spent an afternoon with one of my favorite families in the world! So glad I could take their family photos, they turned out so fun. There were lots of giggles, and we even got the dogs in for a shot.
Loved hanging out with this goofy family at Rocky Butte in Portland Oregon. We had a giggly time getting these shots. I love it when dads get silly!
There is something so relaxing about getting photos done in your own home. Everyone feels more relaxed and I can capture families as they are on a normal day. This little guy turned one so we did a session to celebrate! I basically just followed them around all morning, going about their normal routine and it ended up being one of my favorite sessions!
The first time I photographed these two was winter 2014, and it's crazy how much they've grown! They were both in silly, happy moods for our shoot and we had such a great time. We played lots of games and threw leaves, and then they sat down like little angels for one perfect brother photo. Amazing.
Sometimes when things aren't going as planned, you just have to roll with it, and you might unexpectedly end up with something awesome! Real life... ;)
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