Welcome! I'm so happy you're here! I'm a playful and lighthearted family photographer based in Portland, Oregon specializing in portraits that are fun, authentic and absolutely beautiful. Your family is unique and special, and your photos should reflect that.

You might not always get the dishes done right away and there's a pile of cheerios underneath the kitchen table, but your home is full of love, and that's what really matters. When a mom asks me to photograph her family, she's not only looking for a pretty picture, she's looking for a photo that shows actual feelings. A photo that she can look at a year later and remember how her son looked when he was missing his two front teeth, and the admiration in her daughter's eyes when she looks at her daddy. Families get to play, laugh, and get silly during their photo sessions with me, but I will also catch the sweet, softer, in-between moments that no one is usually around to capture.
What makes your child or children special? I'm sure you can think of tons of reasons, and I would love to capture that for you and for them to look back on when they are older. We can plan an in-home session documenting your child(ren) as they are at home on a daily basis, or an outdoor session at sunset is another option. We can plan a few activities that will help tell the story of them and their unique personality. Imagine jumping on the bed, splashing in the river, exploring the outdoors, playing tea party, eating ice cream cones, or whatever it is that your kid(s) enjoy. Let's capture those moments that only you as parents usually get to see.
Maternity sessions are so special to me. I never got professional photos of myself either time I was pregnant and I regret that so much, so it makes me happy to be able to capture this special time for other mommies-to-be. You may want a fun and easygoing session, or one that makes you feel sexy and beautiful, or to document this time with your husband or family. Whatever the case, I'd love to plan it with you. You'll only get this opportunity once with each child so lets make it count!
Newborn lifestyle sessions are a great way to capture your family with your new baby in the place that you feel most comfortable... your home. There are so many special moments that go along with bringing a new baby home. Dad holding his new child close to his chest, baby in the nursery you worked so hard on, your older kids loving on their new sibling, your dog cuddling up to the family while you all snuggle on the couch. These are the moments you want to remember.
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